Awesome Inc Announces Five New Fellowship Startups

Latest Beneficiaries of Incubator Program Creating Kentucky Jobs

Gregory Pettit
Aug 02, 2016

Awesome Inc, the hi-tech incubator and computer coding school that provides crucial assistance to early-stage companies in Kentucky, announced today the latest startup companies accepted into their Fellowship Program.

Since 2013, Awesome Inc has accepted 14 Kentucky-based hi-tech startups into the Fellowship Program. Companies receive access to a wide range of training, multi-media design, free workspace and pro bono legal and accounting services. Additionally, they get access to established business mentors and early-stage venture investors. Thus far, Awesome Inc Fellowship companies have created 61 hi-tech jobs in Kentucky and have attracted over $5 million in investment capital. Fellowship companies are accepted on a rolling basis, with up to 8 companies participating in the program each year.

“Every single interaction with the Awesome Inc team has been focused exclusively on helping entrepreneurs build meaningful and valuable businesses,” noted Hudson Chilton, Founder of Awesome Inc Fellowship startup Travel Notes. Brian Raney, Awesome Inc founder and advocate for entrepreneurship and hi-tech learning noted that “Awesome Inc is on the cutting edge of new business creation and provides high-tech training to fill jobs where there is demonstrated demand. Kentucky is full of business innovators and talented minds. We are continually encouraged by the business potential presented by Kentucky’s native entrepreneurs, and are gratified by our opportunity to help their businesses grow.”

The latest Awesome Inc Fellowship companies include:

RalphVR (Lexington) is a virtual reality game studio connecting people through unforgettable adventures. Their mission is to bring people together inside games that leave a positive impact on players. RalphVR started in 2015 after founders Richie Hoagland and Shea Rembold won Gold Prize and 100K in the Oculus Mobile VR Jam.

451 Tech (Lexington) is a cloud based SaaS (software as a service) platform targeting niche fields of healthcare medicine. 451 manages patient information, patient scheduling, billing, and inventory management. 451 creates an all-inclusive platform that streamlines the user’s daily experience, while utilizing the newest technologies and billing strategies.

Switcher Studio (Louisville) is a video creation platform. The service includes access to the Switcher iOS video mixing app, cloud services, desktop tools and support. Sync up to 4 iPhones and iPads to record and stream LIVE video with TV quality results and share instantly on YouTube, Facebook and more.

Fanbloom (Cincinnati) combines workflow automation tools -- including messaging and payment features -- with detailed social media audience intelligence, allowing brands and marketers to confidently identify and collaborate with influencers.

Virtual Peaker (Louisville ) is a software platform that manages residential electric demand. It applies machine learning and real-time control to internet-enabled appliances to reduce demand while minimizing negative impact to the residential customer. The platform is accessed through a web browser, and has tailored portals for utility and residential users.

About Awesome Inc

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, Awesome Inc exists to help grow the Kentucky startup and tech community. Its Awesome Inc U coding school trains children and adults in software development. Its Fellowship program provides training, pro bono business services and access to mentors and investors for startup companies with demonstrated market potential. Awesome Inc is also the founder of the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. To find out more, go to