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From Selling Pencils to Creating Cloverleaf

Darrin Murriner, UK Alumni and Berea Kentucky Native, began his entrepreneurial success when he was told by his father that he wasn’t getting a Nintendo. Starting his track record of excellence, Darrin struck a deal with his father offering to pay for half of the gaming system himself. His father worked for a specialty advertising business and Darrin took his father’s sample pens and pencils and sold them to his middle school classmates. Darrin collected fifty dollars by the end of the week and quickly fell in love with the feeling of earning his money.


What do the Coal Industry Law Enforcement and Tech have in common?

Blake Caudill began in Landscaping. He worked with his father and brother in the 8th grade and eventually it helped him buy his first truck and pay for college where he was pre-med. Half way through undergrad, Blake began to rethink his decision to pursue medicine. He thought back to owning the landscaping company with his father and brother and wanted to grow in his ability to lead more companies of his own in the future . Blake switched his major to business and found a complementary passion in technology. Out of college, he began his first project called NetReset. His idea was to solve the issues people have with their internet connection and having to reset their router every now and then. NetReset works with your router to reset it every night to improve overall internet connection. Blake now sells 4,000 units a month on Amazon, Sam’s Club, etc.


Bill Burke- Revolutionizing the Energy Industry with Real Time Data

Bill knew from a young age that he wanted to be an engineer but after graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from UK and working for Lexmark, he wasn’t so sure if a corporate setting was for him. Bill moved to California in 2003 to work for a startup, while his wife went to school at Berkeley. He began to fall in love with the startup community there but after ten months at his new startup job, the company was sold and he, too, applied to and was accepted to a Berkeley Phd program.


Is Lexington a tech town? Check out this list of growing high-tech firms

Lexington is better known for horses and bourbon than high-tech entrepreneurs. But there are more of them than you might think, and they make everything from hardware for the International Space Station to designer mice.

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Awesome Inc Announces Five New Fellowship Startups

Awesome Inc, the hi-tech incubator and computer coding school that provides crucial assistance to early-stage companies in Kentucky, announced today the latest startup companies accepted into their Fellowship Program.