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How it Works

The Awesome Fellowship is a mentor-driven program designed to accelerate your high tech startup. The program is tailored to your startup's needs and run on a flexible timeline unique to your team -- supporting your startup for up to one year. Teams are accepted on a rolling basis. You can apply at any time

Our Approach

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The Fellowship program provides:

  • Access to our network of over 60 mentors
  • Web development, video, and graphic design services
  • 24/7 Access to Awesome Inc co-working space
  • Accountability coaching from the directors of Awesome Inc
  • Access to pro bono legal and accounting services provided by Dinsmore & Shohl and Blue & Co

Awesome Inc accelerated my startup. The program helped my company to secure funding, add advisors, and launch my product.

Fellowship Mentors

Drew Curtis
Drew Curtis

Founder, Fark.com

Elizabeth Rounsavall
Elizabeth Rounsavall

Growth Capital Consulting Services

Davis Marksbury
Davis Marksbury

Founder, Exstream Software

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