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"Awesome Inc accelerated my startup. The program helped my company to secure funding, add advisors, and launch my product."

The Awesome Fellowship is a mentor-driven program designed to accelerate your high tech startup. The program is tailored to your startup's needs and run on a flexible timeline unique to your team -- supporting your startup for up to one year. Teams are accepted on a rolling basis. You can apply at any time. Click here to see the criteria used to evaluate applications.

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You get access to a network of 60+ mentors.


You get access to designers and developers who will work for your startup for free.


You get free office space for the duration of the program in our sweet location in downtown Lexington.

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Drew Curtis


Bambi Francisco


Marc Nager

CEO, Startup Weekend

Nihal Mehta

Founder, LocalResponse

Davis Marksbury

Founder, Exstream Software

Sean Shadmand

President & Co-Founder, Socialize Inc

Elizabeth Rounsavall

Founder, Chrysalis Ventures

Lee Todd

Founder, Databeam
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2016 Class

DonorCentric is building a modern communications and data platform for nonprofits to replace current Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This platform helps nonprofits retain existing and engage new donors. DonorCentric's first offering is a donation service that allows nonprofits to quickly start accepting donations online. The service includes automatic receipting and gift entry which reduces errors and saves time for nonprofits.

CWT creates fun and simple methods for a new generation of betting enthusiasts to place pari-mutuel wagers on live sporting events. Our wagering games provide an online casino experience more familiar with other industries along with a social environment that is more unique than anything that currently exists for pari-mutuel wagering. Our core product Slots of Races is the first site that allows users to place wagers on multiple horse and dog races in real time.

Travel Notes automatically notifies financial institutions of their cardholders' travel plans when they purchase airline tickets, so their card is not declined when traveling outside of their normal geographic area. While doing this, Travel Notes automatically helps cardholders secure compensation ($450+) from airlines that travelers are entitled to when their flight is delayed, canceled, or overbooked.

Zimmzang is an ecommerce platform that digitizes & automates the process of selling apparel to schools, large groups & teams from concept to delivery. Zimmzang works with organizations to provide custom apparel to their members, students, or players while saving volunteer hours, increasing fundraising, and eliminating old-fashion order forms.

Hippo Manager is an easy to use, customizable cloud-based veterinary practice software that helps veterinarians and vet professionals manage their practices by making software a seamless part of their business. Our solution covers all aspects of operating a practice including appointment scheduling, medical records, inventory management and billing.

Healthy Nation creates and sells food products that make healthy eating both fun and enjoyable. The foundation of Healthy Nation is trust, transparency, and quality. Consumers can be confident that every product Healthy Nation produces will help make the world a healthier place. Healthy Nation's first product Vegy Vida finally resolves the issue of getting children and adults to eat vegetables.

2015 Class

You Saw Me invented the Verve, a patented machine-washable retroreflective vest embedded with custom-color LEDs for runners, bicyclists, and ANYONE wanting to be noticed. We've created a fun, functional way to save the lives of pedestrians on the road. Visibility safety meets cool; customizability meets versatility; brighter is better; you saw me.

Pawn Metrics is a cloud based software that helps pawn shop owners manage their business. We keep track of customers, transactions, inventory, and finances, and work with point-of-sale hardware for an all-in-one, web-based solution.

Blink Technologies is changing the way you capture, work with and display images. We are an imaging company with a desire to use breakthrough innovations to allow you to seamlessly move between your physical and digital worlds. In a Blink.

SW.O.R.D. is a performance hydration drink. It’s simple formula is designed to improve your performance by delaying the onset of fatigue. Created by two doctors who specialize in athletics, SW.O.R.D more effectively hydrates, contains no artificial ingredients or colors, and optimally fuels your body so you can exercise stronger, longer.

2014 Class

Custom College Recruiting (CCR) reaches out to 6,000,000 worldwide high school basketball players to get exposure to over 6,000 college coaches. At the same time, it helps the college coaches to find the right talent among this vast amount of basketball players. This is achieved by CCR's unique method for evaluating high school basketball players.

Using short entertaining video modules, you are taught specifically how to deal with common ADHD problem areas. We provide a host of tools and exercises to help you control your ADHD -- everything from apps to mental tricks to brainwave entertainment! Say goodbye to the stress, distractions, and frustrations of having ADHD, and hello to a peaceful and focused mind.

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Theresa Simcic


Kyle Raney


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